Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Very Latest in Cuteness!

Boo is up to some fun shenanigans lately, and I thought I'd share. In list format, of course!

1. He's not so obsessed with stairs anymore, though he does still enjoy them. Now he is obsessed with containers and lids and putting things in containers and putting containers inside other containers, etc. He does this on the living room floor, in the bath, on the kitchen counter right next to me when I'm working in the kitchen, everywhere, really.  Because he's been doing this for quite some time, and seems to be mostly sick of all his toys (I haven't wanted to get anything new since Christmas was right around the corner!) at the moment, I've become VERY creative in collecting many many different containers for him, ie: an empty, washed deodorant stick and lid, empty water bottles and lids, empty baby food jars and lids, empty pill bottle and lid, tupperwares, pitchers, you get the idea. Consequently, when Boo has been playing, it looks a little bit like a pile of very clean trash.

2. Ever since he was a baby Jon and I would sing a little scale when we went up and down stairs with him. Something like "up, up, up, up" or "down, down,down". Not increasing or decreasing in volume, but going up and down the scale. Now he does that all the time, without help or prompting. It's pretty cute.

3. In other singing news, in addition to singing little ditties to himself, especially while sitting in the car seat, which are also hilariously punctuated with some new word or sound of his, something like "lalalala uhoh laleeloola uh oh" or "beboobeebot meow babababa meow", his latest super cute thing is thanks to his daddy. Jon would always pause whenever the moon was out and with his arm outstretched and pointing to the moon sing this little song to Boo, "Moon, OH moon, You shine in the night. Moon, OH moon, We see your great light". Now whenever Boo sees a moon, or a picture of a moon, or even when we just go out at night he says, "OH moo" in the same singing way Jon does. I love it.

4. After his bath, when he's naked or just in a diaper, he runs over to the full length mirror and cracks himself up by sucking his tummy way in and then puffing it way out and several other variations of this same game. He cracks me up too.

5. He still loves the bath and spends large quantities of time in there. Mostly he pours water from one container to another and puts lids on and takes them off (see #1). He does this all with intense focus and concentration, sometimes declaring, "IN!" and sometimes laughing quietly/maniacally to himself. A little naked, wet, mad scientist, basically.

6. It's funny how very mechanically aware this little boy is. Are all little boys like that? For months he's been doing a very good airplane noise the minute he hears/sees any hint of a plane. Often this is way before we've noticed anything, and he even knew right away when he was ON a plane, and he even has noticed the blinking, moving lights in the sky at night and figured out it was a plane before we told him. I always figured it must have been something his Grandpa Walt taught him, as he has been taking Boo on tours and explaining things since he was born. But I asked him and he said they only saw a plane once. It just amazes me! He's done the same thing recently with trains. He's never really seen real trains, but he has figured out their existence and the noise they make from one book I have that just shows a picture of a toy train, and now he notices them all the time and makes the noise too.

7. This probably could have been in the last one, but it was getting long :). Boo does really great impressions of all kinds of noises, many are of things that I would have described as sounding the same, but he knows the difference and his little copies are very different and I can usually tell right away exactly which machine he means. He does impressions of: the wheat grinder, my blow-dryer, the washing machine, the blender, the mixer, police sirens and ambulance sirens and fire truck sirens, the tea kettle, cars, airplanes, trains, a handful or more of animal noises, of course (his rooster crow is the cutest, in my humble opinion) and even does a pretty good impression of me! He has a pretty hilarious version of the way I sometimes shout out, "Jon!" you know, to get his attention. Walter's, "Don!" cracks people up all the time.

Anyhoo, that's the report on the little things that make up my day. Thanks for indulging a doting mommy!