Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two Years Ago Today*...

My honey and I walked into the Jordan River Temple, nervous as can be. A little while later, after one of the most beautiful and moving experiences in my life, we walked out, newly married, with eternity ahead of us. Friends and family gathered that evening to celebrate and wish us well. So many people had helped so much to get us to that point. I remember standing in the midst of my reception, feeling so much love and joy, feeling so grateful for how incredibly blessed I was at that moment. We had a pretty small reception, and the room was stuffed to the gills with people, people who loved us and were so happy for us. People who had baked and organized and hung decorations, chopped vegetables and addressed invitations, performed beautiful music and traveled pretty far to get there. People who had come bearing gifts and advice and love and hope.

Today I have a happy home, and a wonderful husband and a darling baby boy. Life keeps moving and changing, but with Jon at my side and a lot of faith, I think I can handle it, and I look forward to what our little family will become.
*Ok, when I started writing this post it was "today" but now it should really say "Two Years Ago Yesterday", oh well. As we spent the day with a teething baby and his first fever (not his first teeth, but the first time getting a fever-he's doing a lot better today, so hopefully we can go out tonight as we had planned!) I know you'll understand the slight delay.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm always up for free books!

The blogroll I'm on, Mormon Mommy Blogs, is having another giveaway, and this time it's for a free set of books! I'm always interested in new authors, and as I've been on a non-fiction kick for quite a while, I definitely feel lately like I need some fiction! So if you're Mormon and a Mommy, or not, or not, then go check it out! (See the link on the side of my page--->)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Breathing Through Our Mouths...

This is just a quick post to explain why I've been so MIA lately: We're sick!!! Ok, just Booboo and me, so far Jon has managed to escape it. But it's really hanging on with me and Boo. Basically I've just been coping and then everytime he goes down for a nap so do I. I also didn't think that you guys would want to see a Wordless Wednesday of a pic of very red noses and a river of snot. Boo is holding up pretty well considering this is his first real sickness. But I'd like it to be over now! All I do is wipe noses all day, his and mine! And can someone explain to me why babies hate like poison to have their noses wiped (even though I've mostly been using nice soft burp cloths) only to immediately turn and wipe their noses on your shirt? What's the difference, really? Just a mystery of babyhood, I guess!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Am a Child of God!

Lately I feel like this inside:
I feel so very blessed, just wonderful, and loved, and lifted up by the Spirit, the last couple of weeks. I've had answers to prayers, small but miraculous changes in my own heart, opportunities to sing again, a chance to go to the temple last week, I've made some new friends, spring is right around the corner, I have a loving husband and a beautiful baby boy. My Heavenly Father loves me, and He loves you too. And I love you!

I'd better make sure you know where this beautiful picture is from:
Check it out if you haven't yet! Beautiful, beautiful pictures.