Monday, February 11, 2008

Sweet Things

*Warning! Megan's blog will sometime's include posts about topics she cares about!! Some slight soapboxiness may occur!!*

1. I recently read an article about how honey is a really good natural antibiotic and works well smeared on wounds. Of course the FDA is regulating it and there will soon be an actual product on the market, not unlike Neosporin, except with honey in it! Kinda cool, I think, and I bet that actual honey will do in a pinch!

2. Today I read this cool article about how honey has now been medically proven to soothe coughs better than cough medicine! It's an old folk remedy, and now science backs it up! And it's very timely because now you can't give little kids cold medicine. Definitely DO NOT give it to babies under 1 year of age (that infant botulism risk is still very real) but after that, a spoonful of honey doesn't just make the medicine go down, it IS the medicine. I've always had a testimony of honey as a healer for sore throats (when I have a sore throat I live on hot water, lemon, and honey. It feels so good.) but I've never tried it specifically for coughs. I'm excited to try it! Not that I'm excited to be sick again, tee hee. Here's the link for the article if you'd like to read it yourself:

3. This is a weird one. I apologize in advance. But I am not a product princess, and I love to find alternative ways to be pretty and clean, and most of all (I hate winter) moisturized! So I also recently learned that you can WASH your FACE with honey and I had to try it. It's antimicrobial and antibiotic so it actually cleans your face, gently, and is very moisturizing. I love it. But, um, make very sure that your hair is completely secured away from your face!! And use it very sparingly. Too much is, well, too much!

4. Last one: I also just read an article about recent research on artificial sweeteners. It's not majorly conclusive evidence as it's only been conducted on rats so far, but definitely interesting and worth a read, especially if you are like me and you try your hardest to eschew "fake" sugar. Which is quite the task, let me tell you. I basically can't buy normal yogurt anymore, what a trial. Anyway, the rats given yogurt with fake sugar ate lots more than the ones who just had normal sugar! I guess it just confused the rat's body and slowed down their metabolisms. Here's that link, if you want more than my measly synopsis:

p.s. has anybody heard anything more about the big mysterious decline in honeybees? i've been wondering. i guess i should just google it! what did we do before google?


Nate and Jessica said...

I totally knew about the honey/cough syrup thing. We tried it on Jansen in the middle of the night a month or so ago...didn't go so well because he was disoriented and the honey was not what he was expecting to come into his mouth. So I set the honey filled spoon on his floor and Nate later stepped on it and there is still honey on his floor I need to clean up. I'm actually totally excited about the honey thing---just wanted to share my funny, first experience trying it!

Nasfam said...

Well, that's a honey of a post. I LOVE the trees on the sides.