Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Most Wonderful Weekend

1. Beautiful gray, raining-all-day weather.
2. Finally getting to put cute chilly weather clothes on Booboo.
3. Making up a huge batch of this amazing stuff called Texas Caviar and eating it all weekend. Seriously, it's so good!!
4. Hanging out with mom-in-law and sisters-in-law while the men folk are away.
5. Watching a really fun movie called "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day".
6. Lounging around the house in comfy clothes all day Sunday. It's so wonderful to spend an entire lazy day at home now and then, isn't it?
7. General Conference. The most wonderful thing in my wonderful weekend.
8. Especially this great talk about living simply that was filled with Henry David Thoreau quotes and based on his time at Walden Pond. I love that book (I read it a couple of years ago for my Environmental Lit class) and I love the whole idea of Simple Living, and I just felt it was so relevant right now with such major looming economic crises. I'm inspired and determined to make better financial decisions and prepare for the future and pare down our life from the tedious, superficial, superflous, media-mandated desires of the world to the really important, joyful, spiritual, tangible, deeply meaningful desires of our hearts. (sorry, I'm rambling off-topic and should probably make this the subject of a future post instead!)
9. The best thing about any weekend: spending two whole days with my husband.


Nate and Jessica said...

Must be the Seattle girl in you that enjoys that cruddy weather. Don't you remember, Walter likes to be outside? We had the greatest weekend too. I'm so glad yours was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post and am glad you had a whole weekend to relax and enjoy. These times are to be treasured.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN DEAR! Hope this day is most wonderful too. I love you!

Mrs Nancy said...

What a great list for wonderful times!

Jen said...

I thought I left you a comment when I first ready this a couple of weeks back, but it must not have gone through. I don't remember anything of what I wrote now, except for that we saw Miss Pettigrew and I really liked it. I'm also glad you got such a great present for your birthday - there's nothing like blissful, stress-free weekends with the people you love.

Now that I'm here, I'm officially requesting MORE POSTS!!! I know you're crazy busy with your new baby, but I'm selfish like that. I miss your lovely face - "hearing" from you is the only consolation I have until I can see you again! ;)