Monday, October 26, 2009

Buckets of Pictures, Part 2

These all have a beachy theme so, they go together! Makes sense, right? I think these are all taken at the beach at Deception Pass in Washington State, one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Walter loved the beach!

Tidepools are the best bathtub, EVER.

This is what happened the first time mom tried to put sunscreen on Boo!

Dad had fun burying Boo in the sand...
and this is what Mom had to do to get all, or, well, most, of the sand out of his pants after Dad buried him!


Nate and Jessica said...

Little bummy picture! Love that one. Walter has such beautiful eyes.

The Nye's said...

Welcome back to the blogging universe! You have been missed! Great pictures!

Kassie said...

Silly Daddy.

Terresa said...

Love these picts. That one looks like a toddler volcano. And the naked bum pic is so cute!!