Monday, January 25, 2010

I've been diagnosed with PILS

also know as Pregnancy-Induced-Laziness Syndrome. It's here to stay for about...sigh...15+/- weeks. There's only one known cure: an extended stay in New Baby Land, where the one recuperating from PILS is basically out of contact with the world, blogging and real, and not to be held responsible for the crazy, sleep-deprived things that may come out of her mouth.

Symptoms of PILS may include: calling crackers and canned corn "lunch", referring to naps as "priority #1", forgetting that she even owns a camera-often for weeks at a time, switching to full time disposable diapers even though she once whole-heartedly loved cloth diapers, driving around for a while with an expired driver's license, sometimes resorting to formerly forsworn disposable cleaning wipes, eating frozen pizza a little more often, and not posting on her blog for far too long.

Sufferers might even forget to brag about the mind-blowing new tricks of their adorable genius-toddler even though he can now count from 1-4 and correctly read those numbers AND, randomly, the number 8. Also he can name 5 shapes and 4 colors, can string together 2-4 word sentences, and has been making some pretty funny/cute attempts at the alphabet song, and likes to pretend to read from really big grown-up books that have no pictures in them. Finally he may spend large quantities of time looking at photo albums over and over, intent on correctly labeling all the family members he can.

Some side effects of trips to NBL are: purchasing paper plates and plastic cutlery, even more of the aforementioned frozen pizza and/or takeout, frequent and shameless requests for fun babysitting and "play-dates" for older children, often complete ignorance of the continued existence of cell phones and internet, and a ginormous new batch of picture taking.

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me while I work on living with PILS and preparing for "recovery".


Lisa - edenwild said...

I haven't visited in a while...don't think I knew you were expecting!

I totally understand the PILS! LOL Only I think my version was more severe, more like PIICS, Pregnancy-induced incapacitatedness syndrome. Okay, so that's not really a word. do what you gotta do to survive, right?

Jen said...

BTDT - between PILS and PNED (post-natal exhaustion disorder,) poor Nyah didn't see a "real" lunch for almost 6 months! Thankfully Dad swept in for dinner on a regular basis and rescued her from nutritional disaster. And my dirtiest secret... I didn't cloth diaper for the last 5 months of my pregnancy with Aislynne. I found my way back to them about a month after she was born (just enough time for all the lovely newborn tar to make its way out of her system.)

I was actually thinking of you today and realizing you don't have much longer! You're in the final stretch, so you're perfectly entitled to laziness at this point - you're in full-incubation mode now, after all! :)

Terresa said...

PILS -- Love it! I've never heard of it but I'm sure I had it with my pregnancies, too.

Enjoy this time. I'd say milk it for all it's worth -- would that get me in trouble? :)

Pass the frozen pizza. :)

Grandma Cheryl said...

I think pils should become a well-used acronym! It's so cute.
It's always fun for a grandma to hear about her brilliant grandson. It's especially fun to hear he tries to label the people in your photo album. The counting and naming shapes is pretty amazing, especially considering he is not even two yet.
I'm so glad you are happy to have another baby. We think you're wonderful!!
Love, Grandma Cheryl

Emily said...

Haha pils! That is hilarious (and I have definitely suffered from it a time or two. Much easier to deal with during the first baby (as is pned) watch for that one. All I wanted to do was nap with the baby and all I got was, "mom! Open your eyes! You have to keep them open!" Hopefully, Walter still naps, that would make things a bit easier.