Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Morning Status Report.

Every morning lately, when I go to retrieve The Kiddo from his bed, this is the greeting I get:

"Daddy? Work? Yamma? Work? Doel? Seeping? Kessy? Bye Bye?"

*a pause for translation* Boo is listing where everybody is when they are not here. Yamma is Gramma, and Doel is his Uncle Joel, who, even though I keep saying that he is actually at work, for some reason Boo has decided that he is always sleeping, because I said that ONCE, 3 weeks ago. Kessy is his Aunt Kelsey, and I guess he's not sure where she is, so she is just Bye Bye, or not here.

This is what I hear:

"What, you again? Just you? Just Mommy? No Daddy, no Grandma, or perhaps any awesome aunts or uncles? Anybody? Alright, I guess I'll hang out with this old Mommy again."

No, I don't feel too terribly sorry for myself; I know he is going through a phase where he is just figuring out how the world works and how people come and go in his home and his life and his day. I also know that someday he will realize how lucky he was to have me at home with him. But until then, I wouldn't mind too terribly if one of these mornings he said something like:

"Mommy! Here!!" 


Mrs.Smith said...

Awww....... Love this.
I'm so glad you're feeling up to blogging again! Yay!!!

Emily said...

That is so dang cute! What a cute age he is in.
Haha! --"You again?" When we visit Scout's cousins I barely see her. I don't blame her for making the best of having someone around other than mommy (I make the best of it too).

Kassie said...

I know what you mean, It seemed like all Dallas cared about was when Daddy would be home.

Now that I am working just part time in the early evenings, I get to share is some of the homecoming benefits (like shouting "Mommy home" or them running to give me hugs) that used to be reserved for the Daddy.

Nate and Jessica said...

Loved reading that Megan. Now teach him Jess? Ohio?