Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's Just Like Christmas!!

Jon and I just made our first ever Ebay purchase, and I'll be honest, it was mostly Jon. I watched and was totally confused and not very helpful. So that was my contribution!! But we've been dreaming of getting a bread mixer for months now, and researching them and trying to decide if we wanted to spend $350+ for a really good one that would last longer than us, or a more modest amount on a smaller, less higher rated model/brand? In the end we compromised and got the super mixer, a little bit used, for almost $200 less--or basically the price of the other, smaller mixers we were looking at. Pretty cool!

We got it yesterday night, and while we haven't actually made bread, we did put it together and turn it on, and it seems to work! So we are very excited to make bread and rolls, and never buy storebought junk again. (ok, maybe sometimes we'll buy bread still!!!)

But as great as this is, it is not what has me in an ecstatic 6-year-old-with-a-brand-new-bike-on-Christmas-morning state.

Every single piece of that bread mixer came wrapped in TONS of bubble wrap!!!

Very, very, happy Megan.


Nate and Jessica said...

You are so funny. You love to pop that stuff huh? Or do you eat it? Almost there...

Emily said...

Is it a bread machine or like a bosch? Either way, sounds fun! Can't beat the smell of bread baking in your kitchen.

Nathaniel said...

Hey Megan! Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and hoping these last few days/weeks of pregnancy are good to you. You're going to be an awesome mama! I can't wait to see that little kid--I'm so glad we're going to be there shortly after you have him! I know everybody says this, but hang in there.