Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Am a Child of God!

Lately I feel like this inside:
I feel so very blessed, just wonderful, and loved, and lifted up by the Spirit, the last couple of weeks. I've had answers to prayers, small but miraculous changes in my own heart, opportunities to sing again, a chance to go to the temple last week, I've made some new friends, spring is right around the corner, I have a loving husband and a beautiful baby boy. My Heavenly Father loves me, and He loves you too. And I love you!

I'd better make sure you know where this beautiful picture is from:
Check it out if you haven't yet! Beautiful, beautiful pictures.


Mrs Nancy said...

What a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing your testimony and gratitude to the Lord!

Anonymous said...

That does my heart good.

Muriel said...

What a beautiful picture...
I'm a french member and i saw your blog... Your baby is very beautiful..
I wish you a life full of peace and joy..
Sorry my english is really poor!!
God bless you and your family!

Emily said...

This post is cute.

The Nye's said...

Where was yesterdays "Wednesday Post?" Just kidding! Hope Jon had a good birthday! Talk to you soon!