Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Apparently Bees Are Funny.

I've decided to start a new tradition here on MegandJon that I've seen done on other blogs. On Wednesdays I will do a mostly wordless post (there might need to be an explanation) that will basically be a picture or video. Probably these will consist mainly of pictures of this one really cute baby I know, but I might branch out and post a pretty picture or some cool video I found online or something. Today's post is a little wordy, a Wordy Wordless Wednesday, if you will, because I wanted to explain what I would be doing.

The inaugural post is a video of Booboo, of course! I was reading a little book to him with a bee, and when I made the Bzzzing noise, he laughed hysterically and wouldn't stop. So I had to take a video, and I wanted to post it even though it's rather shaky. You try making a bzzzz noise, filming, and laughing, all at the same time! Also, please excuse the mess...that's why we call him our little Havoc Wreaker!

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Rebecca said...

he is soooo cute Megan!!!

The Nye's said...

Oh, he it too precious!!!

Anonymous said...

He just makes me laugh! Thanks for sharing

Adrianne & her Toddler said...

What a cutie!

Heidi AND Brian, said...

What a cutie. I couldn't see the video very well, it kept stopping, unless I kept pushing the play button. I probably need to reset my computer or something.

Emily said...

That's really cute. I love that age where random silly things break them up (and mommy and daddy lose all dignity to get laughs). Good times.