Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Wednesday's Wordy, But it's Worth It!!

I have a story! I live in an apartment that was created in the upstairs of this 100+ year old house. Because of this there are lots of strange quirks, the strangest being the bathroom. It is basically a converted closet in the kitchen/laundry room. It is tiny and is definitely my least favorite thing about an otherwise beautiful and interesting and pretty roomy apartment. But it does have one great perk: because it's tiny and basically in the kitchen, when I give Booboo a bath I can just leave the door open and get some work done in the kitchen without any fear of being a horrible mother and being dragged off by the CPS for leaving my child in a bath unattended!! He is always within my sight, indeed within 10 feet of me, so it works out great. Because we like to save water, and because he likes the secure feeling of being able to hold onto the sides, we still use a little baby bath that we put in the big grown up bath, which also helps when he decides to have a serious splashing party!! So I can make my lunch and sweep the floor all the while talking to him and smiling at him and listening to his happy little splashy/babbly noises. I can always see his head over the rim of the big bathtub because he's sitting up.

He doesn't usually stay happy in the tub for that long, though, he get's kind of bored and starts trying to climb out after 10-15 minutes usually. So I was really happy today when he seemed to be happy for a longer time and I could make a long, involved salad for my lunch. When I finished preparing it I decided he had been in there long enough and went to go get him out and I found this:

No water in the tub!!! I have no idea how long he had just been playing naked in an empty tub!! The little stinker discovered the plug (you can see it just barely)!! Oh man, I laughed for quite a while after that! I'm still laughing.

Oh well, I had planned to give him "air time" after the bath anyway because his awful diaper rash is back. And in the spirit of causing great future embarrassment and hopefully an "aw, mom!!" here's a picture of some more air time!!


Janae said...

yup that is definitely an interesting bathroom you got there. I am surprised he didn't cry, I guess he was happy!

Jen said...

This little boy just keeps getting cuter by the week (and I'm shocked that that's even possible!)

And might I add that I'm totally envious of your "air time"? The SECOND Aislynne gets a bit of air and carpet on her bare tushie she HAS to urinate. I kid you not - it's insane. If I were to take a pic of her sitting innocently there like Walter is, you can bet there would be a nice wet spot underneath her when I went to pick her up!

Nate and Jessica said...

I think we could all use a little more air time!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the bare bums!!
~Grandma Nye